Boomaz Project

Boomaz Project

The Boomaz Project started out as a duo making reggae music in the year 2007. It was founded by
two old friends Marc da Bumma (guitar and vocals) and Mats Varima (Guitar and backing vocals)
who both share the same love for music. In the year 2009 JB (drums) tagged along with his brother
Stabilo (Bass) and the croup was united.

The Boomaz Project has a unique sound which includes elements that were used in the traditional
roots reggae in the late seventies and the early eighties. While listening to the Boomaz Project you can hear the vibe of the old Jamaican roots reggae spiced up with modern sounds and influences such as funk and pop. The music is inspired by the lives and tales of people and experiences of the band members. The band members are
coming from completely different backgrounds and because of this the band’s sound is more versatile. Their music is most certainly putting on a smile on the faces of the people listening to it.

The Boomaz Project’s mission is to make music which has an impact on people
the band wants to make music that makes people feel good.
The band has also its own point of view on the different issues of the modern society which you can find hidden between the lines in the lyrics of the songs.