Fatima Koroma

Fatima Koroma

“Soul Mama” Fatima Koroma

Fatima Koroma is a Finnish singer born in 1985. Fatima was introduced to Finnish public in national TV show Idols in 2011.  Fatima’s nickname Soul Mama gives an indication of where her musical influences come from. Enthusiasm for music started in less than 2 years of age when Fatima heard Michael Jackson’s song Bad in the radio. Whenever Fatima heard the song she started dancing and even singing along. Fatima fell in love with the song so much that she got Jackson’s Bad record for her 2-year birthday.

In elementary school Fatima’s life was filled with music. She studied in music class, sang in the school choir and played clarinet in the school orchestra. Music studies paused in high school but when studying in University she picked up a new interest singing.

In 2011 encouraged by friends Fatima decided to test her wings and participate in the Idols competition. She reached all the way to the semi-finals. After Idols Fatima has been singing in the Helge Talqvist blues band, participated in the New Music Competition and toured and recorded with Half Past Never Band. In 2013 Fatima Koroma signed a recording deal with Kerma  Records and her debut album will be published during 2013.

Entering recording agreement with Kerma Records was easy for Fatima because she had the same view for genre and style of the record. Fatima feels most comfortable with genres like jazz and soul which she feels has been slightly overshadowed by other styles of music in Finland. Artists influencing Fatima’s way of doing music include Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Tom Prättälä, Jamiroquai and Paul Simon.

Fatima’s family include mother originally from Muhos Finland, father from Sierra Leone and big sister and little brother. Fatima lives in Vantaa where she enjoys listening and making music with her little daughter and three cats.